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Poznań University Library provides an online registration with the library. To get a temporary library card number, giving you instant access to a library account, through our Online Registration process, click "Sing in or register" in the top right corner.

Non-refundable 12 zloty registration fee for setting up a library account can be paid electronically (via banking card or e-payment systems) from the pre-enrolment form (to use this option go to: Reader's Account and then select Review [Przegląd] or Library Announcements [Komunikaty]) or at any library of the AMU library system as cards may also be issued during your first visit to the library.

Library Account Sign In

Log in using your library card number including all of the digits on the back of the card and password. If you have not changed your password, password is your month and day of birth as a four-digit number; for example, November 30 would be 1130.
Newly registered users sign in using the temporary number of the library card and password given at the registration.
Password can then be changed in the tab "User's Data" (the password should include alphanumeric characters as well as symbols - 20 characters in length).
Should you encounter any problems logging in or accessing the library homepage, please consult with the librarians at the library' Circulation Desk.

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